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The Real Deal Breakers For Guests In An Indian Wedding!


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Aratrika Atwal
Aratrika Atwal
Sweet & simple with great observations, can find out stuff which exists for all but never seen.

Weddings can be very crazy in India. They can be loads of fun, and an emotional journey for the immediate family. The people who are actually there for the couple, take part in the arrangements and enjoy themselves to the fullest. But the same cannot be said of the guests. Most Indian guests come to the wedding with a checklist in their head. There are some things that they absolutely adore and some that they hate. We have for you today a list of things that can seriously bug a guest at an Indian wedding.

Nobody wants to have distasteful food at a wedding

Image Source
Image Source

If the food is too spicy, too oily or stale, the guests will hate the wedding. And let’s accept the fact that most of them are there for the food, only.


The endless ceremonies can be so bugging

wedding ceremonies

Sitting for hours in a string of ceremonies can be most irritating for a non-family member.  It is like torture to wait for the ribbon cutting, the jaimala, the pheras and so many other long stretched ceremonies. Only close family has patience for this drama.


The photographers are most bugging

Image Source
Image Source

The photographers can be a pain in the back side. They insist on clicking every guest and want to push them too when a ceremony is happening. They can make the perfect wedding seems like an ordeal. And the worst part is they also tell us how to smile.


The wedding favours have to be decent

wedding kela

If you want to give a wedding favour, make sure it is good or else do not give it. Guests need to remember you by the gift you gave. If you are planning to give bad mithai or cheap bed sheets, then that only shows your bad taste.


The wait for the baraat is the cherry on the cake

Image Source
Image Source

Guests hate to be at a wedding where there is no value for their time. If the card says dinner at 8, it should be served at 8. Everybody will remember a wedding for the wrong reasons where the groom’s party arrives at 11 in the night.

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