Read The Signals From Your Man’s Underwear?


If the clothes of a man reveal about his personality, imagine if you got a peep at his insides. And we don’t mean his organs; we are talking about his underwear. Whether they like it or not, a man’s choice of underwear says a lot about them as a person, so if they’ve got some personalized photo boxer shorts on, you’ll know that they’re a keeper.

One look at his undies and you will be able to judge if he is the adventurous or the lazy type. Saying that though, what if a guy is wearing custom face underwear, but he’s ticked every other box? ? I mean, sure if that is what you are into! But let us say, you do catch him in some picture boxers – will you be able to look past it? Could you give him your heart after witnessing such a sight? Well, let us not be too quick to judge, here shall we?

We have for you today a list of traits that can rightly guide you, when you are in his territory.

1. The classy boxers

Boxers are a clear indication that the man is low maintenance, no fuss and classy. He might be a hard worker, who is comfortable with his life and his clothes.

2. The briefs guy

Expect a man in briefs to be practical and still learning the ways of the world. He might be fun and spontaneous. With this guy a fun ride is for sure.

3. The sexy trunks

A guy who is comfy in trunks has to be athletic and conscious about the way he looks. This guy knows himself inside out, watch out.

4. The simpleton in boxer and briefs

We can tell you that this guy likes to keep things basic. Don’t expect him to party every night, this man is most comfy on his couch with a chilled beer.

5. Only black and white

If he sticks to black and white in briefs, there is every possibility that he is a grey in real life. But he will appreciate honesty and clarity.

6. The Superman and Mickey Mouse prints

This man likes to break all rules and marches to his own tune. If you want gyaan, stick to him.

7. The one who likes variety

This man is impulsive and is the go-getter. If you are dating this man, there will never be a dull moment.

8. The silk and satin man

A man who wears silk and satin is craving for your attention. And is totally unapologetic about it.

9. The man who wears thongs

We can’t say much about this one, except the fact that he might be an expert at giving you a lap dance.

Do let us know??

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