How Will You React If Your Mirror Talks Back?


Let’s get to the point: Don’t drink and drive! Hold your breath as your mirror talks back!

This video is about drinking and driving and we expect it to impact your mind. In 2010, Kris Caudilla crashed into a sheriff deputy’s car. He was only 26 years old. The deputy died in the accident, but Kris was charged with manslaughter and he is serving 15 years in prison. You might think that killing somebody would mean that you’d end up with a life sentence yourself, but an experienced defence specialist like these New Albany DUI lawyers can help you reduce it down to a term that ensures you still live the majority of your life out in the real world. It’s been more than 5 years already for Kris, since the incident, but he still cannot forget about it.

In order to prevent others from making the mistakes he committed, Kris has decided to approach those outside the prison. He got together with “We Save Lives Foundation” and made this incredible video against drinking and driving. In the clip, Kris sits down facing a camera from his correctional facility in Florida and reaches out to people at a busy nightclub in California. We can only hope Kris managed to influence some of them that night.

Watch your hair stand on its ends:

Are you going to drive the next time you drink? Hope not and please share this message with all your friends too…


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