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We Finally Know Why RayBan Is So Expensive!


We all love our brands and shopping from anywhere less than a branded store is against our rules. Many of us save our pocket money just to buy the branded product of our choice but what happens when we go to the store and get let down seeing the humongous price tags quoted on them?

We come back home wondering why these products are so damn expensive…disappointing!


Source: fashin365

I once went to buy a pair of sunglasses and the first name that comes to anyone’s mind when we talk about sunglasses is Rayban. I tried different styles but ended up leaving the store in utter disgrace.

Reason: The pair that I liked was priced too much which made me angry and I even bad mouthed the store selling it…damn!

But finally, I came across this video and now I am feeling guilty about what I said to the shopkeeper. Watch this video to know why is Rayban so expensive, one reason – A very big Italian company named Luxottica:



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