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Rare Pictures Of Our Beloved Bollywood Celebs!


We all love our celebrities for what they are and how they look today! We have got our favourites and of course, we also have a few whom we just don’t like!

All these years, Bollywood has given many lives a twist and many faces a recognition. Some people are still with us whom we call as legendary actors and some have left for the heavenly abode.

Here’s our compilation of some rare pictures of our B-town celebs:

10 Imran Khan

Source: colorlibrary

Peeping through Bollywood at a very young age! What else would one expect from grandson of director-producer Nasir Hussain!

9 Neil Nitin Mukesh

A cute little hunk who didn’t realize that when he’d open his eyes, the world would be so different!


8 Dharmendra’s first family

Source: merepix

Bollywood actor Dharmendra’s rare family pic with first wife Prakash Kaur, sons Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol and daughters Vijeeta & Ajeeta

7 Jeetendra with teenaged Tusshar Kapoor

Never thought I would see this! Tusshar looks so much like a typically Indian mediocre family boy.

6 Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan

This pic probably says: “Dude can you please hold it straight for one minute?”

5 Sanjay Dutt with his daughter Trishala Dutt

She has actually turned into a bombshell now, but we all know that teenage is always different from the adult look!


4 Shahrukh Khan’s parents

So these are the people who have given birth to the Badshah of Bollywood! Shahrukh looks like his dad, am I right?


3 Arjun Rampal and Preity Zinta

The duo was on a tour in the year 2009 when this picture was clicked. Look at Arjun..he looks so cheesy! And, look closer for the other bombs of Bollywood.


2 Naseeruddin Shah and Om Puri

Back in the days when youthfulness was at its full fervour!


1 Dilip Kumar with his mother

Oh what a moment!



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