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Rare Dogs…Have You Seen Them?

Keeping a dog as a pet has become a growing trend. People are getting lonelier by the day and look for pets to keep them company. However, it is important that all prospective dog owners are aware of how to take care of them properly. Visiting the Glow CBD website may offer some insight into how to do just that.

But there are some rare dogs, which are like royalty in the world of dogs. It’s very rare you’ll spot these fluff bags. But, if you get one of these beauties, you will surely be noticed.

1. Tibetan Mastiff


These dogs are the best guards in the world. They have a double coat and can even fight with a leopard if required. A fearless and extremely loyal breed.

2. Swedish Vallhund


These are athletic dogs, which are great for herding, flyball and tracking. These dogs are fearless, powerful and don’t go on their size.

3. Bedlington Terrier


These dogs have a pale woollen coat, making them look like a lamb from a distance. They are totally athletic and are great for racing and hunting.

4. Finnish Spitz


These dogs look like a fox. You can recognize them instantly with their sharp ears, a thick coat. They are extremely expressive and athletic.

5. Otterhound


These dogs love the water and are equally swift on land too. They have webs in their feet and are one of the finest hunters.

6. Norwegian Lundehund


These dogs have six toes each and very flexible head. They are often used for Puffin hunting and are loving pets.

7. Chinook


These dogs can live in harsh winters. They are used for racing and as sled dogs.

Must watch for dog lovers….

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