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Rapists Post Their Crime On Social Media! Really?


We have all been hearing about this recent case of two girls who were raped in Hyderabad by 5 boys. They raped them and had the effing guts to post the video on social media!!

Wow..now that’s what our generation is expected to do haina?? Kand karo aur YouTube pe daaldo..views chahiye kyunki paise milenge..WTF !

Now do really want to rethink about the porn ban thing?

Have you thought as to why these sick-minded people want to record this supposed super macho activity?? I am so sure no one did. I did and I must confess that the greed for money from these porn sites has led to so much inhumanity that these criminals have crossed all limits..!!

In case you wonder what’s happening on these porn sites then try searching for desi porn..na na karo…try it..ye rape video bhi to bohot mazey leke dekha hoga na sabne so why not try to see some actual porn to realise what’s happening to our youth.

Desi porn, when searched, will give you access to all these similar looking videos shot amidst khet khaliyan and one thing is common that most of them are from a typical segment of India.

Now go ahead and look at this news:

Do you see a similarity?

What is the motive?

Porn site pe video dalo and circulate it so that they get rich by it..!! Rich by ruining someone’s life..awesome..kya idea hai.

Now what should be their punishment? Stay in juvenile care for correction, get pampered and after 10 or 15 years they leave without any feeling of guilt.

Is that what we really think should be done with such criminals?

What’s your take on this ? Let us know….



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