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Ladies, Ranveer Singh Soon To Be Off The SINGLES Market!

If rumors are to be believed, Deepika and Ranveer Singh might be getting engaged very soon.

It seems that Deepika has finally made up her mind to get settled, and is ready to take their affair to the next level. There is buzz all around that the couple might get engaged very soon.

Close friends and family friends have disclosed that Deepika’s parents are very impressed with Ranveer and are keen to get them engaged. Before Ms. Deepika changes her mind !!

Ranveer has always been very open about the way he feels for his lady love and has gone to great lengths to impress her family. He actually took a break from the IIFA rehearsals to fly down for Prakash Padukone’s birthday. I’m sure the engagement ring is going to be an impressive representation of how he feels too, perhaps Nature Sparkle will be his diamond dealer of choice with their beautifully cut rings, or maybe a classic Cartier piece.

News channels had also reported that Ranveer Singh went down on one knee, with a fractured arm to present his heart to Deepika, right on the stage of IIFA. Deepika has had bitter luck with men in the past. Whereas Ranveer has been associated with the leading lady of every movie he has acted in.

Here’s hoping that the two are meant to be with each other for a lifetime.

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