Ranveer Singh Adidas Originals Face In India!

Adidas Originals

This is the another big moment for B-Town celebrity Ranveer Singh. He has joined the league of global celebrities like Pharrell Williams, Rita Ora and Kanye West to be picked up to be the face of “Adidas Originals” in India.

Highly excited about his collaboration with “Adidas Originals”, Ranveer said in a statement: “I am totally stoked to represent a brand that I grew up loving and has been a big part of my life. I still own the first pair of superstar sneakers that I bought during my college days and have only gone on to collect more.” He further added, “While I get to be the face of the brand in India, it’s the brand that truly represents me. In one word, it is unique. It doesn’t need to try hard to stand out, it’s backed by a great heritage that is inspired by sport and has evolved over time.” Adidas introduced Originals in India in 2007. Ranveer Singh started the partnership with the launch of the first Adidas brand centre in the country, at Indra Nagar, Bengaluru, on Sunday. Ranveer thanked all his fans for being so supportive, as they visited the event in spite of heavy rain in Bengaluru.

Congrats Ranveer Singh!! Long way to go……




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