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Rakhi Sawant Crosses All Limits Of Being Bizarre!


Devashish Vaid
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Birthday girl Rakhi Sawant is one woman who has always been in news for the reason as stupid as a homo sapient can create. She made some statements crossing the limits of being bizarre and WTF!

Rakhi Sawant once used to be the hit item girl of Bollywood. Then, she turned controversy-maker-turned-politician-turned useless. But no matter what, this woman knows how to survive this cruel intelligent world with all the common sense and logic.

Khurki brings you few of her statements that cross all the limits of being bizarre:

1. Her reaction On Aamir Khan’s PK poster!

2. When she slapped her boyfreind Abhishek in front of media

3. Her debate during election days against Kamal R Khan

4. When she called Mika-Shika in the most casual way possible

5. Her first ever election speech!

6. And her hilarious answers to media!

7. And when she talks about corruption

8. Rakhi Sawant crosses all limits in her comments on AIB controversy

We all know Rakhi Sawant suffers from the foot in the mouth syndrome, but just can’t help paying her some attention, can we!!

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