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RAGA Roars Or Meows, The Nation Wants To Know


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BANGCOCK. Oh sorry! BANGKOK did the magic. Rahul Gandhi made a comeback after his long trip. He roared in Parliament, he roared in his Kissan Rally and made people realise that “Picture abhi baki hai mere dost”.

But this was just according to him and his Congress mates. India saw Rahul meow, not roar and took a dig at Rahul on the social media….

1. Pamper’s shares will drop big time

2. Nice one

3. Exactly…

4. Mand Buddhi Balak is the word I guess

5. Taare Zameen Par Moment

6. Good Question…Very Good Question….

7. That Nanna munna rahi hu, Desh ka sipahi hu moment for Congress

8. But when the good suit costs you 10 lakh, no one will digest it.

9. He doesn’t know where to get massage done in India?

10. They are Presstitutes when they praise Rahul Gandhi…And when they praise Modi?

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