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Radhe Maa Or Sunny Leone: Which Woman’s Your Favourite?

Seeing so much hype in the name of religion and that too by a lady who is a self-proclaimed Goddess or if I may say – ‘The Radhe Maa’, I am forced to find out what she’s all about..!!

Kaun hai ye and how has she got herself trending on social media besides the news channels and of course the sansani khez khulase on Whatsapp groups and recorded phone calls..!!

It all started with RED HOT pictures of mataji while she was enjoying an overseas vacation..

Bus ittu si chingari and the bomb barood sab chal padeyshe was all over the media…her life..her religious journey…her kids..her followers..sab saamne aa gaye..!!

Radhe Maa openly admitted that she is a Sunny Leone fan…Oops. A case of foot in the mouth?

Let’s figure out the society based hypo critic differences between these two ladies who’ve been hyped so much and have become an overnight talk of the town:

1. Radhe Maa ke charno mein bhagto ko swarg dikhta hai but if Sunny Leone walks into a room it’s considered to be a kotha.

2. Men who carry and kiss Radhe Maa consider it to be a blessing but the ones who try it with Sunny Leone are termed as disgustingly horny.

3. People offer money to Radhe Maa and feel that spending on her gives them a way to enlightenment but the same people can’t tolerate anyone promoting or seeing Sunny’s work.

4. Radhe Maa ne chhu liya to bhagat dhanya ho jaate hain and if Sunny ne chhua to insaan tharki kehlata hai.

radhe maa

5. People don’t mind a woman jumping onto various men’s lap under the religious cover and call her a Godwoman, but when a woman openly admits her pornstar profession, people call her a slut.

radhe maa

How about some similarities:

1. Radhe Maa and Sunny Leone both ride on people’s laps and don’t mind their kissing and hugging in return.

2. Both have stripped publicly and supposedly don’t mind stooping low for publicity. Ahem!

3. Both have been able to create sensation through their skimpy clothing.

radhe maa

4. Both the ladies believe in relieving people’s stress through comfort and pleasure.

5. Both the ladies have a huge fan following.

radhe maa

For those who still consider Radhe Maa a goddess…please for God’s sake get a life…if humans had direct access to the supreme power then the world wouldn’t have had so much hatred and bloodshed in the first place…ee sasura wrong number lag raha hai…kono firki le raha hai tumhara…

Sukhvinder Kaur aka Radhe Ma ki sampoorn kahani jaaniye iss video dvara:

Stop these dramas in the name of religion..itne Babas and Matajis have been exposed but there are still so many who are exercising their so called religious practices till date.

Be alert and educate everyone to avoid falling prey to these paakhandees or else bhukto..!!


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