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10 Teachings From Holy Quran Which Will Change The Way You See The World!



For those who never had the chance of reading such holy books due to the language or time barrier, we are at your service.

When it comes to holy books, all we do is respect them, bow in front of them without knowing what is inside that holy scripture. Holy book of any religion teaches about love, care, humanity & peace, so does The Holy Quran.

Khurki brings you 10 quotes from The Holy Quran which will change the way you see the world from now on.

That lesson of brotherhood..

Have seen such signs yet?

Being patient…

The joy of giving..

Stay away from the Satan

And when you are stuck between wrong & right!

Humility is of prime..

Are you one of the true servants of God?

Ibadat is the word!


The Happy World


WATCH how this cute little three-year-old boy recites The Qur’an:

All we know that religion is for you to learn, not protect…learn it, practice it and you will be able to preserve it!

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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