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She Quit Her $222K Job In Manhattan To Become A Nun In India!


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This is the amazing story of Nisha Kapashi who left the perfect American life to follow the Jainism sect, to become a nun in India.

Her story has the perfect script for a Bollywood movie, but it sure takes guts and extreme determination to do what she did. Nisha Kapashi says she is the happiest person on this planet today.

Nisha Kapakshi

Nisha was born to Indian parents who had left Mumbai to immigrate to USA, even before she was born. Seven years ago, she had the perfect job at J. Crew, an office close to Union Square and a healthy social life. She only wore branded clothes and her parents even got her an apartment at 6th Avenue, in order to ensure that she was comfortable. But all this comfort and perks could not fill the emptiness that she felt deep inside her soul.

Soon she got in touch with a Jain study group and started attending their meetings. In 2011, she decided to quit her job, and go from branded wear to a simple lifestyle. Next, she moved to India and started reading and researching on the Jainism religion.

If you see her today, she goes by the name Samveg and lives in Asansol. She shaved off her hair and had the last bath of her life, which are the two essential rituals for becoming a nun.

From an apartment full of luxuries her sole possessions today are, her water holder, bowls made out of pumpkin, and a brush called ogho which is used to sweep while walking.

She has no shoes, no bank account, no money, but she is the symbol of ultimate happiness in this mortal world.

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