Questions Girls Always Wanted To Ask Guys!


Guys, it might be heart breaking, but there’s a lot of answering that needs to be done with the members of the opposite sex! But some relief, as there is a whole set of questions that girls don’t ask guys in their life. But given a chance, what are the kind of posers that guys could be made to handle? Even guys might be bubbling up with their own list of questions, but ‘sabar rakho bachaaa, KHURKI baba sabki baatein nikalwayenge!’

Is it important to pass a comment when she’s walking alone?

Or she should do the same with boys?

Why are you the first one to break up?

He says: Because of you.

Is it really that important to be driving rash?

…and become a problem for the innocent ones?

Kabhi kabhi itna chutiyapa kyun karte ho?

Haha…She’s quite an aggressive bharatiya naari. No?

What’s the first thought when you see a girl?

Bhaaaaiii Figure dekh, figure dekh, figure dekh!!!!!

What do you really look in a girl?


Why you so mad?

That’s what talent consists of.

How many times do you masturbate in a day?

Boys want to ask the same.

Does it pain when penis gets folded during sex?

LoooL… Ouch!

If you wanna abuse, why do it in open?

Open susu kar sake jahan, gaali na de sake wahan?

How big is your dick?

…ummm sorry, it’s a secret 😛

Is ‘sex’ the only reason for being with us?

Bolo bolo, hamein bhi to pata chale?

Sabki neeyat kharab hoti hai or is it only you?

Nahin, sabki hoti hai! xD


Here’s a video of some of the boner questions guys answer by themselves, which girls might hesitate to ask… But my girlfriend doesn’t pity me, asks me everything like a shameless bird and I’m much like a run away cat! 🙁

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