Daffa Ho Ja Khotte! That Must Be A Punjabi Parent Talking!


You may refer to this as the language a majority of Punjabi parents use with their kids. A Punjabi kid will agree that what may seem like abuses to others are actually expression of love, affection and expectation. Now, who addresses their kids with haraamzada, kanjar or kutta!

We all hear it and over the ages, we have gotten so used to hearing them that they are accepted as a norm. One thing a Punjabi kid will surely agree with is that this form of communication looks good only on Punjabi parents because the accent doesn’t suit everyone. 

But then, what to do? These words or lingos are something we just can’t resist counting on! KHURKI handpicks common dialogues of a Punjabi parent:

1. Lahu peen nu paida ho gaya ae!

Literally translated as bloody blood sucker…

2. Ek pae jaani kann de thalle

You’ll have a tight one from me

3. Durr fitte muh

Hell be on you!

4. Khasma nu khaa marjana…

Go, get lost!

5. Tu thaer, main tainu dasdi aa…

Hold on, I’ll let you know…

6. Koi sharam nahin isnu…

Shameless creature…

7. Dimaag taan ni kharaab ho gaya tera?

Are you outta your mind? 

8. Hun akal laggi thikaane ke nahin?

Have you realised it or not?

9. Mar magron laye…

Go and die!

10. Juttiyaan na khaali’n mere ton

Wait till my slipper gets you!

11. Boothi na dikhaayin mainu gandi ji…

Don’t show me your dirty face…

12. Gandd paa ke rakheya ehne es ghar ch!

You have littered this house.

13. Sara din aawara gardi karni bas ehne

He’s just roaming all day!

14. Jaddo aap de niyaane hon ge na, ohdo pata laggu

You’ll realize when you have your own kids…

15. Vaella ghumda sara din, koi kam vi karlaa

Why do you keep roaming around aimlessly!

16. Khoteya wangu TV agge baitha reh bas

Keep sitting in front of the TV like fools…

17. Na, paise darkht’aan te lagge ne? 

Money grows on trees?

 18. Khotte da puttar

Literally translated to: you are an idiot… 

 19. Bill taan tere peyo ne hi bharna…

Why do you bother? 

20. Daffa hojaa…

Just get lost

21. Aa ki raula paya hoya addi raat nu?

Why are you making all this noise in the middle of the night?

22. Aa gaya muu kaala karaa ke?

Defeated and lost!

Isn’t it all true? At times, these are so funny that one starts laughing even while being scolded and we are not expected to laugh….

Here enjoy this video..

If you also have more of such dialogues, then do share them with us in the comments section below!!!


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