Stomach Ache Guaranteed: Parody On Punjab Police Not To Be Missed!


This is for all the Punjabis out there who take notice of so-called Chakhme songs. In other words, songs which awaken your soul in a different league and have an unmatchable feel. No? Chete Karda by Resham Singh Anmol is a hit number of 2016 and probably all the alcohol consumers connect with it at some level. But here’s something totally different and hilarious and may cause your stomach to ache. Yes! The Punjab Police parody on the hit number by Happy Manila! Not to be missed!

Parody – Chete Karda | Resham Singh Anmol | Funny – Happy Manila Parody – Chete Karda | Resham Singh Anmol | Funny- Happy Manila

Posted by Yabhlee on Monday, 15 February 2016


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