You Too Want To Move To Canada? 7 Strong Reasons Why You Must…

Punjab has this weird obsession for Canada, or they way they call it Canade. A Punjabi living in Canada is no less then a celebrity in his village. In early days, it was way big of a deal, but now things have changed a bit. But still a kid from a family living abroad is not a small deal. Sikhs contribute to the 1.4% population of the country i.e. 468,670 Sikhs living in the country. Not just that, Sikhs are even considered to be the path makers for all other South Asian immigrants to the US & Canada.

But why do they love the place so much. Are the reasons here?


7. Community Already Settled

A major relaxation and a reason for a Punjabi to visit or live in Canada is that the community is already well settled in the country. There are many Gurdwaras, Punjabi Food, Culture well established in the country.