And You Thought This Is How Zara Is Pronounced?


Zara is one of the world’s largest and most ambitious fashion retailer and widely successful among youth. But we all have been pronouncing the brand name wrong this whole time. Yes guys, you heard it right….Zara isn’t actually ‘Zaaraa’.

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Image Source

According to Refinery 29, it is supposed to be “dzah-dah”. One of the members from R29 team went to the brand headquarters in A Coruña, Spain, and she soon realized that literally no one is actually pronouncing the brand like we do. NO ONE.

Due to the Northern Castilian dialect Zss is pronounced with a soft ‘th’ sound and ‘Rs’ more closely to “Ds”. Just in case you got confused, hopefully one of the brand communication rep will help…

I think I nailed it.

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Please keep this in mind and help correcting other people pronounce ‘Zara’ as ‘Saaaa-daaa’!


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