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10-Odd Problems Only Those With Glasses Can Relate With!


Sadly, there are people who are not blessed with a perfect vision and for them being weak in the eyes sucks and life gets little complicated in many aspects. In spite of that, they learn how to deal with those trouble no matter how bothersome their glasses may be. Nevertheless, some of us need our glasses and try to get the best pair from somewhere like Felix Gray, to ensure that our vision is where it needs to be. Here’s a list of a few things only those wearing eyeglasses can relate to:

10 Constantly pushing glasses up

They slide down when you move suddenly or when you look at the ground. Re-adjusting them again and again gets ridiculous at times. This is one of the major drawbacks that people with glasses are left to deal with.

9 Exercise with eyeglasses on

Very inconvenient to exercise with glasses on. Imagine you are doing cardio and your glasses keep jumping up/down. And if you put them away, you are left partially blind and dizzy on a treadmill.

8 Rain makes you blind

If it’s raining, you have to protect your eyeglasses or else you are going to go blind. With a blurry vision, you would use your instincts to navigate yourself to your destination. Big trouble of almost losing one of your senses in wet weather.

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7 That annoying tan

I know tan lines on your face from wearing eyeglasses can be very frustrating, since they are prominent and can’t be covered with clothing. They might not be noticeable while having the glasses on, but looks ridiculous with glasses off.

6 People don’t recognize you without them

What happened to you? Why do you look different? When you get to hear such questions you doubt yourself that am I looking that bad without glasses or is this just a trick of the mind. This is really interesting when people who usually wear glasses decide to switch to contacts for a few days, people look at them as if they have never seen them before.

5 Double-up during 3D show

Oh that uncomfortable feeling of wearing two layers of glasses and awkwardly looking at the screen. Really embarrassing at times.

4 No eye makeup

Wearing glasses can mean that your eyes get lost behind them. So when you wear makeup it’s not clearly visible and that makes you stop focusing on your appearance.

3 Frequent cleaning of glass

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I am sure you must be tired of doing this but you can’t help it if you want clear vision.

2 No fun with kids

Babies think eyeglasses are the funniest toys and will rip them off your face at the first possible chance.

1 Hard to kiss

Kissing with eyeglasses on is bound to leave you banging your glasses against your partner’s and your faces.



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