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Priyanka Misses Out On The Chopras Fun Times


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Celebs work and they party but very rare are they seen having a family fun kinda a day…These days although people show that they are pretty family oriented but the fact is ke kisike paas time nai hota to meet up a family member until and unless koi khaas vajeh ho…

But here’s a clan who does sit together quite a number of times. But this time, there’s this someone who missed out on all the fun just because she was busy working..!!

Yep..it’s Priyanka Chopra…

Parineeti tweeted:

Well, the family is looking like they’re having a great time… chopra

Priyanka, too, replied to it with a cute…awwwwwy tweet…

But well…Parineeti was one of the Chopras who made sure she teased her enough while missing her…

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