Priya Malik To Add Some Spice To Bigg Boss 9!


Just when everyone dismissed Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble as very boring and dull, Bigg Boss added a teekhi mirchi to the show. All for bringing some action back again in the game.

So, enter Big Brother Australia famed Priya Malik as the wild card entry!

Yes, this Indian-born teacher is now the fourth wild card entry inside Bigg Boss House. Well, Bigg Boss contestants are now in for a rude shock for Priya is well known for her weird attitude, selfish behaviour and has come with the mindset of making things bad for fellow contestants.

Well, she will be making a grand entry in tonight’s show……

Priya Malik will be the sanchalak for this week’s nominations!

Want to know more about Priya Malik, then keep up till 10.30 tonight and watch Bigg Boss 9!!

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