Premier SUVs That Have A Special Place In The Indian Market

Talking about the SUV segment of cars in the Indian market, the race is quite competitive. Companies have taken up ways and methods to handle latest technologies so well that even the best is being provided at a nominal price. That means to own a SUV you don’t have to very rich. Some SUVs do exceptionally well and some go in creating deep impression, you can tell by looking at the benefits of a Nissan Pathfinder, for example. But these are the ones that stand out in the race of being the top SUVs in India…


5. Mahindra XUV 500

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The XUV 500 got its facelift back in 2015 and is the most compelling product by Mahindra. Available in manual and automatic diesel it has the robust equipment list that adds on to the wishers choice. The auto is a good value for money and has excellent safety features.

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