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Planning To Lose Your Virginity? Let Love Be The Only Reason

Before you have sex for the fist time, the world will give you truckloads of gyaan on it.

You will feel your emotions surging and your body will urge you take the plunge.

And since we understand that you are a bag of nerves, we thought that we should come to your aid. You might have already decided to browse around this website for sex positions or checked out blogs for essential tips but every experience is different and not something you can 100% prepare for. Your besties who still haven’t done it might tell you to wait for your true love. But if you ask us, in the real world losing your virginity has very little to do with love.

So don’t let anybody tell you this:

1. Your virgin status is your patent property

It does not belong to your parents, boyfriends or to the society. Only you can take the decision.

2. There is no set age to lose it

You could choose to lose it at 19 or wait till you are 39. But Khurki will advise you to be a legal adult, and not be drunk when you decide to lose it. You don’t want to regret it later.

3. Don’t let peer pressure get to you

Getting laid just because everybody in your group is doing is not ‘cool’. Do not let anybody force you into it. And, this should be a rule for every time.

4. Your virgin status does not define you

If you decide to wait until marriage, that’s entirely your call. And nor is the friend who opts for premarital sex wrong. This is not a wrong or right debate, just different choices.


5. It is not remotely connected to purity

People who say that virgins are pure are just spreading hogwash. No book in the world says that a woman who has sex is dirty. We are in the 21st century, not the stone age.


6. Boys and girls can want as much sex

It is an old school theory that only boys want sex. Women have an equal right to demand and enjoy sex. Don’t do it to please a man, at least not the first time. Do it for yourself. And everyone does it in different ways. Some prefer to make use of of services from websites similar to www.relazionisociali.xxx.


7. A missing hymen has nothing to do with virginity

It is not at all necessary that your hymen will break the first time and that you should look out for some bleeding. In our modern lives, it can tear due to many others reason, not just sex. Hymen is not equal to virgin.


8. Demand to use protection

Your partner might give you a hundred reasons for not using protection, or he even might claim to be an expert at withdrawal. Nothing doing. Demand protection, it is your right.


So, don’t let someone talk you into it or out of it. It’s your right and only you have the right to exercise it!

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire. Can be reached at: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me


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