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Planning To Break Up? Khurki Advises: Do It Gently.

Can you actually break up nicely ever? Break-ups can be hard and complicated.

And if the man is getting dumped, it has to be as subtle and hassle-free as possible.

We are here to help you make the dreaded incident smooth and as hassle free as possible.

1. Do not leave any open doors

When breaking the news to your guy, remember to be crystal clear. No if’s and buts. Do not say things like someday, or maybe after I finish my studies, etc. If you give false hope, be ready for stalking and drunk calls at 3 am.

2. He should be the first to know

Talking to his friend is a good idea, but don’t go putting posters on everybody’s wall except his. If he finds out from a third person, expect the smooth dump to flush down the toilet. Be decent, don’t humiliate him.

3. Please do not break up on Whatsapp!

Gather some guts and tell him on his face. No faxes, SMS or post-its will do. Well, if you want to join the list of worst girlfriends in history, please go ahead. You owe it to him. Remember that piece of rock sitting in your cupboard!

4. Control the reaction

Even if you are fuming, control yourself. Remember you are not the victim. And in reality, angry at yourself, for dating a jerk.

5. Don’t cook up lame excuses

So you don’t want to tell him that he is weird and boring, but telling him things that he is not is NOT going to help. Lying your way out, will always backfire.

6. Make it short and sweet

You are dumping him remember. Worst time to give him gyaan! Most experts say 30 minutes are good enough.

7. Try not to argue back

A guy who is getting dumped might get abusive and wild. Your silence will work as water over fire. Try not to create a scene.

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Priya Aurora
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