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Planning To Raise Kids? These Pics Are A Must See First!

Raising kids is not an easy task. Kids are notorious, naughty and can test your nerves 24 hours a day!

So if you are planning to raise kids these pics are a must see, because there are parents out there who caught those naughty kids to warn you. We all have heard bache bhagwaan ka roop hotey hain, but these kids surely are the greek gods of naughtiness. So when nesxt your partner plans or starts the topic of planning a baby make yourself ready for the world which is going to change your lives upside down and again down side up.

Khurki brings you the pictures of kids as warning caution before you plan one

This boy just finished watching Cadbury silk advertisement!

Mama can lick the chocolate off!

Kiddos you are too young to drive, come on pull over!

Seem to be learning the tricks of the trade too soon!

Hey mommy, I told you I can draw a baby!

Time to keep all the writing material out of his reach!

A little too early for Christmas, eh!

A tip to ensure the home is child safe!

Whoa mommy, this thing actually works the way I thought!

Thank God, he’s safe. Haven’t we heard of so many accidents of this order!

He’s a deep sea diver in the making!

Where did all the fish go darling!

All she wanted was a view of the seating plan!

Or is it that Dad can’t handle two at a time.

I haven’t eaten it all yet!

Chocolate is a good scrub!

Toilet training is for both – the ward and the parents!

Please momma, don’t flush me!

World is a canvas for these brilliant minds!

Michelangelo in the making!

Getting into somebody else’s shoes!

Was planning to step out in the rain. Can I?

Just doing the home work from the art class!

I didn’t do it!!!

That brother who will find the elusive candy for his sister!

Wait, I know where it is lying!

But I was just looking for the birds!

Oops! I didn’t know it would break!

Flour is for playing, we thought!

Brush it off now!

Equally innocent partners in crime!

We just played along, na!

But Dad said his head was hurting!

We haven’t heard of pain killers yet!

She will grow up to be a cat!

Slurp slurp!!!

Happy Parenting!

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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