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Plan Chocolate Gifts Keeping Zodiac Of Your Beau In Mind!


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If you are planning to propose to your girl friend this Valentines, do not make the mistake of picking just any box of chocolates for her. Every woman has a different taste in chocolates, imagine how dumb you will look if you do not pick the right box of chocolate gifts for her on your special day.


Aries are famous for their love for travel, adventure and have loads of energy. Anything simple does not suit their personality. So don’t get them a simple chocolate. Instead get them a chocolate, which has a crunch in it. Try Perk or Cadbury’s Dream Fingers.



Taureans are known to be reliable and sensible. They are one of the most patient and independent people in the sun sign. When you go out to pick a chocolate for them, go for dark chocolate which has raisins and rum in it. It will get them in the right mood.

Image Source
Image Source


If you want a caring partner then look for a Gemini girl. They have a large circle of friends, so get them a chocolate that they can lovingly share with all their friends. A Cadbury silk will be perfect for them. Buy the biggest in the market.

Image Source
Image Source


The Cancerian girl will hide her true feelings behind a tough exterior. They have to feel secure in order to love someone, and can get hurt easily. Get her a chocolate that is tough on the outside and has a soft filled center. A Belgium chocolate will suit her personality the best.

Image Source
Image Source


A Leo girl will be most romantic and a proud one too. They like to be the center of attraction at every party and like to be treated as royalty. If you want to impress her, get her a box of handmade chocolates. Only the finest will please her. And the box needs to be good too.

Image Source
Image Source


They like everything perfect. And they will take a load of inferences based on the choice of your chocolate. They hate chocolates with wafers in them and consider them tacky. For them you need to choose a chocolate, which has a floral tinge to it.

Image Source
Image Source


Libras like balance in everything they do. These women are very graceful and love intensity in everything they do. And when you look for a chocolate for them, make sure it is the kind that will melt in your mouth. We bet a pack of Bitsa-Wispa, it will make you a winner.

Image Source
Image Source


If you are dating a Scorpion woman, you will be well aware of how fierce and passionate they are. If you are the cool guy, then stay away from these women, as their intensity will scorch you. Either match them or bow out. Get them a chocolate, which is bitter and sweet.

Image Source
Image Source


You won’t be able to pin this woman down. They need their space and they will give you yours too. These women are extremely intelligent and observant. Hence, it is critical that you put in a deep thought in the chocolate you choose for them. If you want to win their loyalty then look for a chocolate with fruits and nuts in it. A Cadbury celebration with Fruits and Nuts will be perfect.

Image Source
Image Source


These women are very hardworking and stable. They always follow a set method to do things. They get very impressed by expensive and exotic things. If you want to win her heart get her an imported Belgian or Swiss a bar and watch her light up.

Image Source
Image Source


These women like to talk non-stop and have a very strong humane side to them. People who don’t know them think that they are very detached. If she loves you, then she does it straight from her soul and heart. At the end of the day, they like things simple and sweet. Get her a Maltesers Milk Chocolate with Honeycombed Center this year.

Image Source
Image Source


These women are daydreamers and have a mysterious side to themselves. Sadly, they are also emotionally very vulnerable and sometimes-fickle mind. They live in their make believe fairyland and don’t even try to burst that bubble for them. This lady deserves a box of Ferrero Rochers, that too a big one.

Image Source
Image Source


Just like our mood, clothes and behavior the sun sign impacts our taste in food too. But don’t worry, we are here to help out pick the perfect chocolate for your date.

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