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Head To These Places For Sushi In Delhi!



Sushi cannot be made at home. And that’s a fact!

For this reason, we picked up some sushi restaurants just for you in Delhi. Next time you want to have sushi, call up and book a table.

1. Guppy by AI

At: Lodhi Colony

The interiors are decorated with cartoons. The wasabi is nice and spicy and the tuna comes fresh from the Andaman’s.

2. Town Hall

At: Khan Market

Once you reach this joint, the Mediterranean vibe will hit you first. When you are here, be sure to order the Gorgonzola salad and the rocket salad. And if you plan to go in a group, order the Au-gusto platter.

3. TKS

At: The Hyatt

Try the crispy asparagus and scallops, along with the perfect sushi. It is a great joint for a family dinner. Although, avoid the puddings and we warn you that the portions are tiny.

4. Sushiya

At: Select City Walk Mall

The sushi is not overpriced, although the wasabi is a little bland. When you visit the joint, be sure to order the California rolls. Avoid the wasabi at any cost.

5. The Yum Yum Tree

At: New Friends Colony

This is the only restaurant in Delhi that serves sushi on a conveyor belt. The staff is cheerful and the food is awesome. Be sure to order the tuna and salmon rolls. And if you are fond of dim sum, order the duck and pork for sure.

6. Megu

At: The Leela

The place has been in our good books from day one. Be sure to order the Pestra Caviar and Salmon Tartar. And you will be happy to know that they have Kobe beef on the menu.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire. Can be reached at: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me

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