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Places To Celebrate Holi Traditionally This Year!

Celebrate Holi
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You have been celebrating Holi at home and are bored of it? Then, this year do something different. Holi is celebrated almost all over the country and each region has a different set of rituals attached to it. Celebrate Holi completely in different style. In order to make it easy for you, we picked up the most happening locations for Holi. Take out your car, wear your white kurta pajyama, fill your car with close friends and head here.


The women of this village wait for Holi very eagerly. As it is only on this day that they are allowed to beat their men with sticks. The women are from Barsana and the men who volunteer to get beaten up are from Nandgaon village. The beating of men goes on for almost a week. In Barsana, you will be able to witness the Laddoo Holi, in which sweets are thrown at each other and songs are sung in praise of Krishna and Radha. You have enough reasons to get packing now.

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Vrindavan and Mathura

In these cities, the spirit of Holi comes alive 40 days before Holi. Mathura is where Lord Krishan was born and he had spent his childhood in Vrindavan. Banke Bihari temple is where you should be headed. The Holi celebrations go on for a week her, with colour throwing round the clock. On the day of Holi, you should be in Mathura to witness the procession of Holi.

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Shantiniketan, West Bengal

The celebration of Holi or the coming of spring was started by none other than Tagore here. He drew inspiration from the colours of the spring for this festival. You will be able to see students in colours of spring and also enjoy the cultural program which is organized every year. Holi is known as Vasant Utsav here and is an important part of Bengali culture.

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Purulia, West Bengal

If you really want to do something different, then head here for a folk kind of Holi. Reach a few days in advance and mingle with the locals. You will be astonished at the folk art that you will be able to see. Only here will you be able to see the original Chau dance, Natua performances and the Drabari Jhumur.

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Anandpur Sahib, Punjab

Head to the land of Sikhs for Holi this year. If you haven’t seen the Hola Mohalla, which is held every year at the occasion of Holi, then you haven’t seen nothing. This tradition dates back to 1701 and is a complete paisa vasool. You will not see any colour throwing here, but you will surely see warriors in all their armor and glory having mock fights and doing extra ordinary exercise.

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