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These 25 Pictures Show That You Have a Dirty Mind!



Ya ya, we know that you have it and you are very proud of the fact that you do..!!

Lols I am talking about the dirty mind..aapko kya laga??


This is exactly the situation when someone perceives things in his or her own way but when seen or heard carefully, it embarrasses you for thinking the other way…then you laugh at yourself inside ke yaar maine to kya hee soch liya tha..!!

Watch this video and you will feel the same way:


I know you are smiling right now ke haan yaar photos to kuchh aesi hee thi…

Now, you are actually wondering that why didn’t I click these kinda pictures when I saw such things..DUH..!!

No worries. What you need to do is – from now onwards whenever you see such double meaning things just click and send it to us…let us showcase your talent on Khurki…!!

Team Khurki
Team Khurki
KHURKI is a character who's sarcastic by birth and has sarcasm running in its veins in place of blood. Its bitter-sour tongue gives it the edge!

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