You Are Committed To Your Partner, But Is It Only Physical?


“Are you committed?” This is a question you must have heard many times, specially from youngsters. This is because for most of them being committed is equal to being physical. I mean why are they just concerned about being committed and why not with the emotions and feelings and why don’t emotions mean anything to them? Relationships are not just about being physical, it also calls for care, responsibility, ups and downs, small fights, teasing each other and many such gestures that keep our relationship alive.

Making love is just a part of it

For some of us, love is only about sex. But love is not just that. It’s just a part of it, don’t assume it to be love. Love is a lot more. You can say love is a mixed vegetable and love making is only its flavour.

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Love is all about emotions

Love contains three things – emotions, emotions and emotions. So basically it’s a game of emotions. Whether it’s pampering your loved one, fighting and getting angry, crying and them making your partner happy, everything comes in emotions that fall under love.

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No conditions apply

When it happens, love just happens. Commitment is must in a relationship but there is nothing like physical relationship being mandatory in every relationship.

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It’s just a way to express love

Love is nothing if not expressed. But don’t turn it into an issue. You can choose your way to express your love, as there are many ways. Make her feel special, don’t make her an object of your fun.

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When it’s two of you, so should be wishes

Sex has to be only when both the partners are ready to go ahead in the relationship. But even if one of you has an objection, then the other should wait. Because your priority must be your partner’s comfort and will not your own wishes and desires.

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Amrita Garg
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