Phantom or Agent Vinod? Nostalgia Builds…


Saif Ali Khan on Phantom or Agent Vinod!

Saif Ali Khan has been doing these action movies for a while. In Phantom, he looks the same as Agent Vinod!

I hope the only change in the movie is not that Kareena has been replaced with Katrina. Now people, he would not kiss his wife in public.

NO PDA for Saif and BEBO !

Don’t get diverted. Watch Saif talk about his role in PHANTOM not Agent Vinod!

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Interesting comments and speculations: Phantom or Agent Vinod!

1. watch kiss scenes in phantom here

2. flop flop flop movie saif ail khan but you know ???????????????

3. i find also funny that how a terrorist can be a prime minister of india ? now saif answer us about this

4. I think john abraham is best actor for this movie.

5. action sequences look kickass….looking forward to watch the movie….

6. I recently watched his movie agent vinod in which he says that india is also responsible for bombay attack etc and now he makes a film about pakistan saying that pakistan is terrorist country that so cheap..

KHURKI SAYS: Must watch for your own review…..

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