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Pervert v/s Jasleen Kaur: Publicity Or Defamation?


Jasleen Kaur hungery for publicity and the eve-teaser a pervert!

The way the Jasleen Kaur incident turned out, it is no lesser than a Madhur Bhadarkar drama! National channels running after the accused boy with a mic and the girl openly flashing her innocence.

Women are surely getting empowered! But let this not be at the cost of playing with others life! But torchbearers feel the heat too!

Check both the videos before you make up your mind and form an OPINION!

1. This Guy Gives the Perfect Response to Jasleen Kaur Situation!


2. Times Now Interviews Sarabjit – The ‘Pervert’ Who Misbehaved with Jasleen

Video Credits: https://www.youtube.com

Comment credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s2rWhua288

1. Indian Women lost respect from Indian men form the day they started supporting Nudity,Obscenity and Vulgarity.
The more they ll do, the more respect they ll have to ask for.

2. What happened is unfortunately the result of centuries of male chauvinism. Anybody who knows anything about human beings will acknowledge that probably both sides are exaggerating. However, given the climate that we have created for women, it is only understandable that people jumped to conclusions.

3. First that girl comes up with a heartening eveteasing post and you rob the guy off dignity by publicly shaming him.. after a couple days news comes out that she was lying and the guy was not wrong, now immediately you start publicly shaming her xD … I love you all hahaha.. We really together are moving to some trend. There is a say “A game played by 10 fools is supported and enjoyed by 10lakh fools”



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