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Does Giving Personal Space To Your Partner Mean There’s No Love?


Amrita Garg
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Personal space is one of the most important factors in a relationship. Even when you are in a relationship, you do have your own life. Though you both share a deep bond, your life, your ideas and your own concept of living need to be your own. Because it’s your individuality that keeps you alive. So everyone should give space to their partners. And trust me by doing this, the love and trust between the two of you will only grow!

Something personal

Yes, there are always some things that remain personal and that’s the way it should be. No doubt, you share everything with your partner but still “sometimes” “something” definitely remains in your personal space and there is nothing bad about it.

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More love and respect

Giving some personal space to your partner will increase your respect and love in her heart. This will make your bond stronger.

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Image Source: monikahoyt.com

Individual ideas will grow

“Single soul inhabiting two bodies”, but why do you forget that there are two minds also that act differently, react differently and also think differently.

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No dependency

If she will seek your advise before every decision, her dependency on you will only increase. She will never be able to take a decision without you.

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Image Source: happyhealthyrelationship.com

Life beyond love and relationship

There’s life beyond love and relationship also and you should realize this. Relations are important but they are not life. It’s your life and you have to do a lot more things to make it large.

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Mutual understanding

This is something that grows when you start giving space to each other and start respecting the privacy of the other person.

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Surprises are given like that

If she would have her own mind to think, her own ways to express and she would be given some time to spend with herself, only then will she be able to explore and use all these positives to make you happier.

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Image Source: relationship781.blogspot.com

Her capabilities

Giving her some personal space will definitely give you many chances to experience the new changes in her personality and the way of living that you would love.

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