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It’s Official: Perfectionists Too Have Problems In Relationships!


Relationships are really a big deal! The tricky conversations that sounded cute earlier become bad memories after the relationship is over. It’s not as easy as that may sound. To get in a relationship is equal to getting trapped where you have to think about your partner’s comfort before yourself. So if we say that even perfectionists can’t fulfil the demands of a relationship, we won’t be wrong. Here are some reasons for that…

6 Perfectionists don’t understand mess

If you are with a guy who is actually perfect, his perfectionism will create a big problem in your relationship. Because sometimes you may feel lazy or something and he will create a mess over it.

5 High level of expectations

The guys of such types do have lot of expectations from their partners. He probably wants you to become like him. But you obviously can’t, because you have your own way to live and you are perfectly fine with it.

4 Poor acceptance of flaws

He might appreciate your good qualities often but still not as often as he may point out the flaws and expect you to improve them overnight. Trust me, such poking will irritate you to the heights.

3 Maintaining perfectionism

No one is perfect and for those who are near perfect, it sure is hard to maintain. Those who pretend to be perfect, always have a hidden fear in their hearts. In order to keep that fear disguised, they often try to portray what they are not.

2 Maintaining the so-called image

They try to show that they are really perfect and the other person is dumb…… As a result, they keep running after their so-called image which is actually not their own but a dream.

1 They hardly get convinced

They believe in their own thoughts, their own world only. Very rarely do they listen to others and if they do, even then they twist id according to their own perspective.



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