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Have The Perfect Checklist For A Happy Journey? Here’s A Rundown…

We all sometimes mess up when it comes to a trip. May be in terms of packing or carrying an important document. Trip for us is of utmost importance and specially when you are with your loved ones. If you ruin it in any way, you are gone. So here we are, giving you a perfect checklist that goes step by step in telling you that your journey is going to be a wonderful one.

Important Documents First & Cash

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This is the initial kick towards any journey. Try gathering all your important documents under one roof. Now the documents will vary if you are travelling within the country and when you take a flight abroad. If you need more detailed advice on the flight check then it would be ideal to look at company websites like Lapeira, which has blog posts on flight preparation before a vacation. Tick on the following documents:


Aadhar Card

Cash and Credit card(s)

Personal IDs

Health Insurance Card/Documents

Transport Tickets – Flight, Train, Bus etc

Travel Insurance information

Emergency contacts and information

It’s always good to double-check all your important documents, in case any document has expired. And if you are heading for a long trip to foreign shores, do inform your Bank. Above all mail all your important documents to yourself, you’ll always be on the safer side.

Choose Your Bags Wisely!

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Plan for a lightweight, versatile and bag big enough to hold all your essential things. The more number of bags you have, more the trouble you are headed towards. So try accommodating all your stuffs in a bag or so. Now that you will be travelling from place to place, try getting a bag with the option to roll or carry it like a backpack. American Tourister would be a good option!

Let’s Start Packing

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We are sure you will be planning all sought of craziness on your trip, from swimming to trekking to what not. Plan your clothing accordingly.

Shirts and Pants/Shorts






Sleepwear/ Pajamas

Leightweight clothing



Comfortable foot wear – Shoes, Sandals, etc

A swimsuit or swim trunks

Just pack smart. Don’t over pack and carry unnecessary stuff.

Your Handy Personal Bag

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Now this turns to be an important thing you carry along, your personal bag. It’s always a good idea to make sure you have an outfit and a few essential items in this bag just in case your luggage is lost. We would say using a small daypack or backpack in this case would be a good option. Now let’s see what all can you include in it:


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Mobile device and charger

IPad or E-reader and charger

Headphones – not to forget this at all!

Camera, video-cam, memory card & charger

Adapters and other essential technical supports

Entertainment & Comfort!

Head Pillow, eye mask, ear plugs and blanket

Books and magazine along with a diary and pen

Guide books, maps, travel guide, language guide etc.

Health Items

Keeping clean when you travel is super important. A small wipe or a squirt of Hand Sanitizer can keep you from getting sick, smelling off, and keep you feeling happier as you make your trip wherever you may be going.

Hand sanitizer or wet wipes

Necessary medicines

Pack your Toiletry Bag

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Without these items you won’t look fresh, rather ugly.


Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash

Hair brush and comb, hair ties, pins, deodorant

Shampoo and conditioner


Make-up products

Face Wash

Lotion, lip balm, personal hygiene items

Feminine hygiene products

A Step Further



Hair products


Shaving kit and extra razors

Sewing care kit

Facial tissues

Scissors, nail clippers and tweezers

Health is wealth

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First aid kit

Personal prescriptions


Cold Medicines and pain relievers

Diarrhoea medicines

Allergy medicines

Antibacterial ointment

Sunburn relief

Motion sickness pills or bands

Eye drops

Medicines and Vaccinations specific to the region/activity

Your Day Bag

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A lightweight, versatile day bag can be used in numerous ways and will definitely help you have pleasant journey.

Beware of Pickpockets

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Now you must be thinking how can this be on the checklist. Well then this goes with the thought, prevention is better than cure. Prying hands can be found anywhere and wherever you go. So the easiest way to keep your belongings safe is to keep them hidden and close to you, i.e under your reach only. You can use a money belt, hidden pocket, neck wallet, undercover bra stash, leg wallet etc. All you valuables like passports, cash, credit cards can be safe that way.

Plan for your Home Sweet Home

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When you leave, let your home also enjoy and be tension free. So let’s start from morning:

Stop newspaper delivery

Have post office hold mail

Set email autoresponder

Arrange care for pets, lawn and plants

Pre-pay bills

Prearrange school leave for children

Empty refrigerator

Unplug appliances

Turn off heater/air conditioner

Turn down water heater

Turn off washing machine taps

Lock all doors and windows

Store valuables in a safe place

Leave your house keys and trip itinerary with trusted neighbours/friend and make your relatives aware about your plan. Now that you have a perfect list from top to bottom, don’t find reasons to thank us. We wish you a safe and wonderful journey!

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Tony Thomas
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