You Find Them in Every Gym, Ever Categorised Them?


Hectic lives full of long workdays, dinner plans and trying to do laundry means fitting in fitness is hard enough. Everyone has this philosophy at the back of their mind to be fit. What else? You imagine than going to the gym and be fit. But admit this, gym is the home to weird and wonderful stereotypes……

The Buff

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The gym is their life. I mean, yes, their bodies are just incredible!


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For them, working out is a freaking nightmare. But for all those newbies, remember those gym buffs were in your position once!

The Socializer

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In their case, the only thing getting a real workout is the mouth.

The Sweater

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Recently introduced to such people who are actually working out and a byproduct of that is sweat.

The Couch Potato

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Okay! Does turning pages count towards exercising the muscles?

The Beauty Queen

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Are they at the gym or a beauty pageant? Now, don’t get me wrong! But I’m not sure that you strolling about on that treadmill in a crop top and more makeup than Katie Price at prom is really doing all that much for your health.

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