Some Amazing Photoshopped Pictures Shared On Quora!

photoshopped pictures

Well, we all have seen lots of Photoshopped pictures all over the internet, making us go LMFAO. But have you ever seen some good users of Photoshop as well. If you haven’t, we have something for you to showcase Photoshop talent. After all, it is not all about getting your picture stuck with a Kareena or Katrina.

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Photoshop can be amusing if somebody shows technical skills and creativity. Because it is not just about learning technical skills but also being creative. So there are netizens who have mastered the art of both tools. And this is what happens when both of them match. Pieces as good as these will surely have been made by artists who have spent the time mastering the software and used professional photoshop brushes to achieve such realistic alternate reality art. The creativity needed to think of these concepts is unthinkable.

These might not be the best of the Photoshop arts, but worth the time spend.

PhotoShop1b PhotoShop1c PhotoShop2 PhotoShop2c PhotoShop3 PhotoShop3b PhotoShop4 PhotoShop4c PhotoShop4d PhotoShop5 PhotoShop5c PhotoShop6 PhotoShop6c PhotoShop7 PhotoShop8 PhotoShop10 PhotoShop11 PhotoShop12 PhotoShop13 PhotoShop14 PhotoShop15 PhotoShop16 PhotoShop17 PhotoShop18 PhotoShop19 PhotoShop20 PhotoShop21 PhotoShop22 PhotoShop23 PhotoShop24 PhotoShop25 PhotoShop26


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