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Why Majority Of People Don’t Wanna Marry A Divorced Person?

Technically, there comes a phase of life where everyone wants to have a partner. But how many of us have ever considered marrying a divorced person? Well, considering won’t help. Ever given a thought to marrying a divorced person and being a gem in someone’s life?
Because most of them slide the screen when it comes to this. Here are some of the different opinions on why people DON’T want to marry someone who’s gone through a failed marriage:

My family won’t agree

Many of them give this reason as an excuse, which by the way is the best one to close an unopened chapter!

Someone who doesn’t value marriage is not worth marrying?

A lot of thoughts stick to mind at a point like this where one should always remember that ‘every journey doesn’t go through the same road!’


Doesn’t know the value of a relation

False judgements will never help unless the life story of the next person is scanned and then spoken about.

Divorced because of FAULTS

A new chance, if given, may be lifelong and worth it. So, risks always matter.
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Fear of not getting accepted, socially

Others’ opinions and thoughts should matter least if you’re happy with yourself… things might be different then!
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People will pity me

Someone who understands LOVE will always cheer you up, bring the best in you and hence pitied are to be people who aren’t as daring as you!

Might not be mature enough to handle a marriage

Someone you love could be taught very easily and here’s the role play of a tutor telling your partner different ways to handle it.

Someone who knows the meaning of ‘Marriage’ would never divorce

Every one makes mistake… it’s on us, whether to accept everyone or no one.

Ilustração - Pais a lutar pelo filho

It might just be another movie for the character

Your movie might be the one with a happy end!
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It’s a sinful act

Marrying a divorcee? Well, it is… If the HEART is not involved!

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)


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