10 Things Only People Who Go To Bed Early Can Relate With!


There are people who still stick to “early to bed, early to rise” rule. Such people are not willing to stay up for any late night party or even the New Year’s eve. They bask in the glory of all the awesome perks of going to bed early as they believe there’s nothing better than a damn good early night. To be honest, if anyone was to read something like this Sleep Republic Mattress Review 2021 then why would anyone want to have a detrimental sleeping pattern, most people would more than likely get straight into bed after work if it was the comfiest thing they’ve experienced… No? Just me? Let’s look at things that only people who go early to bed will understand:

As soon as you enter the house, you get into your cupcake pajamas and snuggle on the couch

Late night parties is your idea of hell…You have been known to leave a party before it starts

You have mastered the art of day-drinking

You can’t bear the thought of watching a movie at 9 pm, as it would finish after 11pm

You are used to being laughed at for your sleep schedule

You believe in going to bed straight after dinner than spending time on TV serials

Even your friends don’t bother you after 10 pm, coz they know you will not reply

When you get into bed, you always calculate how many hours of sleep you would get

You also end up having hours of Insta/FB feed to catch up when you wake up

You sleep early with the thought of getting fewer nightmares

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