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Peep Into The Life Of Rock Legend Jim Morrison On His 44th Death Anniversary

Even after 44 years Jim Morrison and his songs continue to touch our souls.

At Khurki, we remember him fondly by sharing with you some known and some unknown facts about him.

1. ‘Peace Frog’ inspired by accident Jim witnessed when he was 4

At just 4, Jim had seen a terrible accident in which a few Red Indians had got killed. All his life he mentioned it a number of times and dedicated the song ‘Peace Frog’ to it.

2. Rebel In Him, First Arrest at 19

Jim has been admired by audiences for being a rebel. The first time he was arrested he was only 19.


3. Not many know that Jim had attended UCLA film school


4. Jim had always been inspired by the writings of Franz Kafka, Friedrich Nietzsche and Appolonian


5. Trendsetter at arrests

It was Jim who started the trend of rock singers getting arrested on stage. He had got arrested on stage in 1967.

6. Never played at Woodstock!

Like many other legends Doors had also refused to play at Woodstock. He was afraid of getting shot.


7. Entered Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1993

Jim was added to the Rock and Roll Hall of fame in the year 1993. He is still ranked at number 47 for the greatest singers of this century. And number 22 on the greatest rock singers this world has seen.

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8. Jim has been called by many names by his followers – Mojo Rising, Lizard King, and the King of Orgasmic Rock


9. Dead at 27


Jim left the word at just 27 due to an overdose of heroin. He was the fifteenth well known musician to have joined the die-at-27 club.

If you still haven’t heard his songs, go check out:


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