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Keep These 8 Things At Bay For Your Peace Of Mind…


Getting into the healthy attitude of competition with others is completely normal, but it’s necessary not to go overboard. Nothing is worth spoiling your peace of mind for. Avoid envying things that you don’t have because it’s not worth your attention. Sometimes, we can’t control our jealousy but once we get caught in this vicious cycle, it gets crucial to direct that energy towards something positive. I admit that I too have fallen prey to things that weren’t worth my jealousy.

8 How Others Appear…

Many of us start trying to achieve the shape and looks that someone else carries. It is easy to get influenced by someone else’s appearance. We at times gets so obsessed that we forget our own beauty. You can’t magically rearrange your face or body. So keep the peace of mind please.

7 Someone’s Success & Achievement

Life has its ups & downs. I know it gets hard when you see someone getting successful, that too someone who didn’t work half as hard as you did. But it’s not their fault. It’s okay to get upset for a while, but then it is better to let go and move on.

6 Money Someone Makes

Fortunate are those who are born into a wealthy family. Some worked for it and other’s had a lot of luck. I am sure like me many of you have looked at another person’s life and wished that their clothes, their cars and their vacations could be yours. Trust me pals, it can be hard to see someone work hard and not be in a favourable position as someone else who might not have put in that much effort. Still, it’s not worth devoting your jealousy to.

5 Others’ Happiness

Get over it. It’s a pity, shallow way to live and think and it makes you miserable. You may be in that stage of life where everything just seems to be bad. You got to be positive and avoid envy from others’ happiness. You never know, the happiness might rub off on you!

4 Someone’s Lifestyle

Sometimes, you meet people who seem to have the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of. On the other side, you might have a selectively less active lifestyle. This will only give you emotional stress because jealousy won’t do anything.

3 People Who Naturally Attract Attention

There are people who naturally become the centre of attention in a matter of seconds and nobody can get enough of them. Reason could be their frank nature, smart communicator or good looks. Jealousy arises when you are beside that person and go unnoticed. It might be better to learn the tactics than getting insecure.

2 Someone’s Partner

You feel jealous when your best friend gets married to a handsome man and you wonder what is in store for you. This thought disturbs your mental status. The only thing that can rescue you from this jealousy demon is to look at the bright side!

1 A Healthy Relationship

There are many relations around you that you can spoil your peace of mind for. They do cool things, say cool things, are full of fun as hell and show all the signs of a great relationship. It’s hard not to feel jealous when you look at a couple which seems to have all secret ingredients to making it all look so easy and happy.



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