The Password Panga Ailing This Generation!


Earlier our mothers would give us ‘badam giri’ for a razor sharp mind as studying got tougher and tougher. The today’s mother is doling out the pistas and badams, not so much for the study load but more for the mountain of passwords their kids have to remember, which is why it could be a good idea for those with a monstrous amount of passwords to remember, to look into a reliable password manager, ensuring account details can be unique and secure.

Fair enough! You look at anything and everything around you, it has a password. Your credit card, debit card, your mail account, your Skype account, Facebook, LinkedIn, Iphone, Ipad, and your shopping sites…’s a list that just doesn’t end! Our mama and papa got away scotfree by remembering just the solitary locker number in the bank!


I think clearing the IAS exams is a cakewalk compared to the passwords you have to remember. Now, each account requires a different password. Even the most nondescript person thinks that his account is on the hacker’s priority list. And each one of us in our self importance thinks that the password should be a little ‘different’.

So with all your intelligence at your call, you start setting a weird combination as a password. Most of us, however, are made to feel so stupid when for the first 30 minutes all your efforts are rejected. And when your optimally weirdest combo gets accepted, you’re happier even more than Sherpa Tenzing scaling the Everest.

But, little do we realize that it’s just half the battle won. You pat your back for being super sensible by noting all the passwords in a little notebook and fugitively hide the notebook like a classified military document. You gloat at your super intelligence and systematic working. Of course, one gets a tight slap when the next time you try opening an account, you neither remember the password nor find the tiny notebook of classified information!

That reminds me of an interesting incident when a man went to a doctor and said, “Dr Sahib, my problem is that I don’t remember my computer, Facebook, emails, I phone and bank accounts passwords.” The doctor replied, “This is a very serious problem. I’ll check your symptoms from an online journal I was just reading”.

Till date the poor patient is untreated because the doctor forgot the password of the online medical library!

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Savita Bhatti
Savita Bhatti
I would like to believe that I'm a fairy with a magic wand!   Love to wear a smile as my brightest ornament! I do a lot of crazy things irrespective of the common mindset that says 'act your age'! But each passing day seems to make me more crazy n zany! So, life are you ready for me! Follow me on Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me


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