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Paris Hilton Cries In Horror For The Fear Of Dying In A Plane


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This video is certainly going to be noisy, howly and cryly (if dats a word)..lol!

Yeaaap, this is a prank video which is shot by Egyptian TV channel and is hosted by actor Ramez Galal, who posed as a pilot, giving Hilton an aerial view of Dubai in a private plane. He sat beside her and in just a few minutes, the plane began spiralling down.

Just when it looked like the plane was going to crash into the Persian Gulf, the plane makes it safely to the landing strip. Paris gets out of the plane but is still shaking and sobbing from the trauma.

Galal finally reveals to her that it was all a prank and she tells him “I almost thought I was going to die. That’s been my biggest fear my whole life, dying in a plane.”

I wonder what if Paris Hilton was a Punjabi? I can bet Galal wouldn’t have had those 32 teeth intact and shining in future..Paris was a sport though!

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