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Being Parent, These Tweets Describe How It Feels!


And these Jugaad simply deserve your applause!

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#SanjuTrailer is out and it gives birth to another meme trail you will love!

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CBSE Class X results are the gold mine of memes, here are the best of the lot!

With anything major happening in our country the netizens are treated with whole lot of memes. No matter what kind of news it is,...
Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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Kids are the most amazing thing that can happen to anyone. They just don’t become a part of your life, you become a part of their life. And they rip apart your peace and give you a complete alternative form of peace.

Being a parent is not an easy job. You have to change your whole personality as per the little one. You get into a 24X7 job profile, with no leaves and certainly no incentives. In short, well there is no “in short”, it is a long and tiring job you have to complete. Cry or don’t cry, the job needs to done. No we don’t have any plans of scaring the shit out of you before you plan a baby.

But just to give you an idea what being a parent feels like in real life, just read on…

ParentTweets8-Khurki.net ParentTweets9-Khurki.net ParentTweets10-Khurki.net ParentTweets12-Khurki.net ParentTweets13-Khurki.net ParentTweets14-Khurki.net Parenting Tweets16-Khurki.net Parenting Tweets17-Khurki.net.png2 Parenting Tweets18-Khurki.net Parenting Tweets19-Khurki.net.png2 Parenting Tweets20-Khurki.net.png2 Parenting Tweets21-Khurki.net.png2 Parenting Tweets22-Khurki.net.png2 Parenting Tweets23-Khurki.net.png2 Parenting Tweets-Khurki.net ParentingTweets2-Khurki.net ParentingTweets3-Khurki.net ParentingTweets4-Khurki.net ParentingTweets5-Khurki.net ParentingTweets6-Khurki.net ParentingTweets7-Khurki.net ParentingTweets11-Khurki.net ParentingTweets15-Khurki.net

Laugh till you are  ROTF….

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