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It’s Only Pampers For Lara Dutta’s Little One!

Lara Dutta made her comeback after pregnancy with the much sought after film ‘Singh Is Bling’ but this yummy mummy loves her baby a lot and wants the best for her.

She whole heartedly supported Pampers and also said that she can now talk like an expert and not just a poser. We so agree. After having a baby you actually become an expert…at least at diapering..!!

Celebrity Mom, Lara stated “My happiness grows twofold when I wake up in the morning to my daughter’s smiling face. As a mother, I know the importance of a good diaper, especially when it comes to ensuring the best night’s sleep and undisturbed playtime for my little one. When a baby has a diaper that not only keeps him dry all night but also is so soft that the baby doesn’t even realize he is wearing one, he may be less likely to be woken up by the need for a diaper change. As a result, he gets the rest he deserves and stays recharged and raring to explore the world.


Actress Lara Dutta was accompanied by leading Baby Sleep Consultant, Ms. Ajita Gopal Seethepalli and television presenter and hands-on mummy Mandira Bedi.

Mandira moderated an interesting session highlighting the significance of a soft diaper for babies and how Pampers helps mothers at every step, ensuring nothing comes in the way of their babies’ exploration.

Watch this video to see how trustingly Lara supports Pampers:

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