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Pain could be the beginning of a new era!

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Finally, it was the day when one of my dreams was going to be true. Dream of getting a permanent tattoo. On September 18, 2017, I went Delhi to celebrate the birthday of my love. While hanging out in Pallika Bazar we decided to get that tattoo which I wanted from a long time.

The only thought of that pain was scaring me which I was going to have while getting that tattoo scribbled on my arm. My love helped me out to settle down my nerves and then we decide the design of the tattoo. Now the artist started gathering his work tools to start the tattoo making process. She asked me for my cell phone and I gave her. After that the artist asked me to place my arm on table and he started the process.

And the time came when the needle was about to touch my skin. As I was really scared I looked at her and what I saw, just shocked me. I saw tears dropping from her eyes and the moment just stopped there. I couldn’t even managed to think about what had happened. I had already forgot about the pain as if my senses were not responding. I was continuously gazing at her and was in a deep thought while looking at her.


But she just moved out of the shop placing my phone at the table and saying “you cheated me”. I just boggled and was in no condition to even think about, what she had said. I was just thinking and here comes the another sound of “it’s done” and that was from shopkeeper.

That tattoo is still with me but it reminds me of is that tear of her eye, those last words from her. That incident shacked me from deep inside. I really don’t understand whether, “Should I be happy for getting that dream tattoo done  or should be sad for broking a heart on its birthday?”. But, what I completely understand is that the tear in her eye was undoubtedly much more painful than getting that tattoo done. There were many things that remain unsaid but still conveyed through that tear drop …..!



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