Monday, December 11, 2023
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Mexicans rescuing a dog from quake debris revives death of humanity

News, trends, almost everything these days reminds you of how cruel the world has become. The loss of human values is a major loss...

OMG! Never Been Kissed, Are These Your Reasons?

Hit NEXT for all the possible reasons Getting kissed is not a rule nor is it compulsory, but it holds a lot of importance for every boy...

In Today’s Age of Smartphones, You Still Need These!

Hammer the nail on the head!

Prabh Gill’s Latest Song Is Rocking The Charts

'Mere Kol' must listen!

Car Runs Over Woman Protesting At Intersection

Hope she wasn't badly hurt!!!

What’s It About Shopping That Makes Women Go Crazy?

Buying and shopping are two different things. In fact, these are two different domains altogether - one is for men and the...

Top 11 Hits Of Labh Janjua We Will Never Forget! RIP…

You will be sorely missed!

Khurki Bets You Never Heard Of These Weird Jobs!

Freaked out or not...wait for the next series...

Woman Gives Befitting Reply To Pyaar Ka Punchnama Monologue

Whoa gurls...finally someone did it!!!

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Itching To Try Pokemon Go Game In India? Try This Jugaad!

Future is here pals! You will have almost definitely have...

Alia Bhatt Sizzles In Yellow Saree Promoting Akshay’s Rustom!

Alia Bhatt is a bundle of talent and acting and she has added a new dimension to Bollywood competition.

Vir Das Rips Apart Women Objectification In Commercials!

Have you ever wondered why no woman jumps at you...

Headphones Alert: Sex In Car Prank, Hilarious Reactions!

Remember the dancing cars from PK? They are back on...

Good News For 90s Kids…Disney’s Duck Tales Returns In 2017!

The sweet-sweet nineties! If you were born in this...

Parental Advisory: Movies One Should Never Watch With Parents Around

We love Bollywood as well Hollywood. From great entertainment,...

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Half Girlfriend Lands In Shraddha Kapoor’s Kitty!

And finally, Shraddha Kapoor has bagged the role of Mohit Suri's Half Girlfriend. As we all know, Aashiqui 2 director Mohit Suri is making the film Half Girlfriend based on...

My Name Is Bond, James Bond! Whoa, Spectre Trailer Out!

Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind Spectre.

Congress embarrassed as its rebel Sanjay Parmar joins BJP

Shimla, June 20: Keen to poach BJP backed councillors to be able to gain control over the prestigious Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC), the Congress suffered a major setback as...

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इन हरकतों के लिए मर्दों को और भी ज्यादा प्यार करती हैं औरतें। 

मर्द अक्सर एसी छोटी-छोटी हरकतें करते हैं जो वाकई आपका दिल चुरा ले जाती हैं। जो जोड़े सीरियस रिलेशनशिप में हैं, वो हमारी इस...

क्या? सम्बन्ध के दौरान भी चैटिंग कर सकते हैं नौजवान!

क्या आप नहाते वक्त, सेक्स के दौरान, टॉयलेट में या फिर किसी के अंतिम संस्कार में टेक्सटिंग के आदि हैं? अगर हां, तो टेक्सट चेक...

OMG! ब्रिटेन के छह राजा होमोसेक्सुअल थे!!!!

चौंकने के लिए फिर तैयार हो जाईए...