Saturday, June 10, 2023
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The Slumdog Millionaire Actors: Then And Now!

A lot has changed over the years!

We Understand That Big Boobs Are Very Hard To Manage!

Try Running !!

Koreans Think Indian Actresses Wear Hijaab! Really?

What nonsense...

Before You Take Your Kids To The Amusement Parks Next Time!

Fun Can Be Dangerous Too...

Best Places To Have Soup In Delhi This Winter!

Stir it up!!

Awesome Things You Do In Festive Season!

Diwali is Khurki's favourite!

Does Alcohol Bring Out The Best Or Worst In You?

Admit it, don't shy away from the question!

Social Media Banned

An unthinkable situation, isn't it? But to horrors of horrors, there are countries that have been exercising control (to some extent completely) on Facebook...

You Find Them in Every Gym, Ever Categorised Them?

Hectic lives full of long workdays, dinner plans and trying to do laundry means fitting in fitness is hard enough. Everyone has...

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Stop Doing These Eight Things As They Embarrass Your Partner!

Being in a relationship does not always mean butterflies in...

Bizarre Questions That Can Make Newly Weds Do a Double Take

By definition, the term newly weds are two people...

Have A Spouse Dealing With Depression? Remember These Points…

Sometimes even the smallest problems become highly complicated when...

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February 5, Your Date With Some Rural Sports At Kila Raipur!

Kila Raipur, a small village in Ludhiana, comes alive...

Rustom & Mohenjo Daro! Who’s Gonna Win The War?

Two very ambitious projects 'Rustom & Mohenjo Daro' are...

Itching To Try Pokemon Go Game In India? Try This Jugaad!

Future is here pals! You will have almost definitely have...

Renuka Shahane’s Interview Is Exactly What Is Wrong With Journalism!

Well, well, times of likes of Arnabs and Barkhas, this also happens!

Single & Looking Out For Some Fun? Here’s How…

A few days back, I was having a discussion...

Javed Jaffrey Is Back In Maggi Ketchup Advt. It’s Different!

Javed Jaffrey and Nawazuddin duo is the funny couple...

Watch US Embassy Officers In India Act Out Iconic Bollywood Scenes!

Though we celebrate 100 years of Bollywood yet it...

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What Goes Into The Making Of Porn Stars?

They all have a story to tell too.

Signs That He Really Loves You Lucky Girl!

Anyone can say I love you, but not everyone can prove it.

10 Reasons Why Girls Are More Comfortable With A Guy Best Friend!

Who Say Guys and Girls Cannot be Good Friends! Dude, They Make Amazing Friends! A girl can survive without a boyfriend, but she cannot survive without a guy best friend. He...

10 Greatest Punjabi Folk Songs Hummed By Every Punjabi

Click "Next" to Start the List 🙂 Punjab is known as the land of festivals and every festival here is associated with music and dance. Punjabi people accept that “anytime is...

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सविता भट्टी, उल्टा पुल्टा: रक्षा बंधन, रिश्ते और रेप

भैया मेरे राखी के बंधन को निभाना...

11 हरकतें जिनकी खुर्क आप में है लेकिन मानते नहीं…

क्या आपने ऐसे कोई कारनामे किये हैं ?

सेक्स के दौरान आधे से ज्यादा अंग्रेज़ सो जातें हैं!!

इन में से आप क्या-कुछ जानते थे...