As Per Our Parents, Gande Bache Aisa Karte Hain!


Maybe ‘these’ are some of the world’s most illogical and improper things ever said by parents. But somewhere down the line, we still remember all of the stuff said by them and will always have a memory of it.

As kids, we’d believe everything. Well, thanks to no maturity. But when we grow up, we understand that all of those things were some kinda misconceptions or made-up things. Then we reach a level where we refuse to accept all of this. Eventually, we understand what’s right or wrong for us and start making our own decisions.

But, yes! According to ‘Indian parents’, if you’ve ever done this or still do these then you’re a ‘Ganda bacha’. Be it ‘raat ko ladki se baat karna’ or ‘mangalvaar ko chicken khana’… You’re a ganda bacha if you do this, laggi samajh?

Here a list of some of them:

1. Watching two people kiss on TV

Besharsam, yehi karta hoga mere pichhe se?!?

CaptureCapture 2

2. Talking to a girl of your school


3. Talking to someone who drinks/smokes

Uski company main tu bhi bigad jayega, uske ghar waale to hain hi aise… blah blah!


4. Going online on Facebook at night

Tu sudhar ja!! Kya kar raha hai itni raat ko phone par?

5. If you listen to ‘4 botal vodka’

What mom wants to say is ‘Gaali deta hai to gaali hi de na, naachta kyun hai?’


6. Mangalvaar ko chicken

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday chicken nahin khana, samajh nahini aata tujhe?

7. Taking chocolate from a stranger

Khabardaaaaar! Us main zeher ho sakta hai.


8. If you don’t eat ‘Hari Sabziyaan’

What happens when you make different excuse for not eating ‘hari sabziyaan’.


9. If you don’t have friends who are toppers

Seekh ussse kuch!


10. Wasting money on cinemas and restaurants

Koi dhang ka kaam karle?


11. If you don’t visit a holy place everyday

Mandir nahin jayega to paap lagega.


We all have been a type of ‘ganda bacha’ in our childhood and we still are.. Well, KHURKI asks: Do parents need to change this type of upbringing or are we just fine with it..!?!? DO ANSWER!


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